Library - Rules and Regulations

  1. Only registered Students are allowed to use the Library. Students should always carry their Identity cards while using the Library.
  2. Readers should observe strict silence inside the Library.
  3. Uses of Mobile phones are not permitted inside the Library Building.
  4. Borrowers must satisfy themselves with the physical condition of the book before borrowing.
  5. Readers are not allowed to bring their personal books or any printed material inside the Library.
  6. The belongings like bags, umbrellas, etc. are to be kept at the property counter/rack at reader’s own risk.
  7. Readers should not carry reference books from the library and should leave the reference books on the reading table after use.
  8. Readers should not write in, mark and scratches and disfigure damage books or furniture of the Library.
  9. Examination admission card will not be issued unless the students secure the “NO DUES CERTIFICATE” from the library.